Silly, Harmless Beliefs – The Tom Cruise Edition

Irrational religious belief strikes again:

A SYDNEY woman accused of fatally stabbing her father, sister and injuring her mother was denied psychiatric treatment by her parents who were Scientologists, a court was told today.

The 24-year-old woman, who cannot be named, was diagnosed with a psychotic illness in late 2006 and recommended follow-up treatment at Bankstown Hospital, in Sydney’s south-west.

Dr Mark Cross, the consultant psychiatrist and clinical director of Liverpool and Fairfield Mental Health Services, said the woman’s parents refused this treatment.

“She had a history of being diagnosed with a psychotic illness in late 2006 at Bankstown Hospital, but follow-up from the mental health team was apparently declined by her parents because of their alleged scientology beliefs,” Dr Cross said.

Hey, on the bright side, that’s two nasty Thetans that are looking for new bodies to inhabit.

On the flip side, this poor woman – once her condition is regulated by the wonders of science – has to live with the knowledge of what she has done.

Yes, yes, good Christians, I know that your particular brand of irrationality is ever so different.

So very different indeed.

All kinds of different.

Crazily so!

(found at Pharyngula)

7 Responses to “Silly, Harmless Beliefs – The Tom Cruise Edition”

  1. PatrickP Says:

    I consider myself to be very blessed for having been spared this sort of “religion” including the ones you link to for most of my life until I was an adult. My university introduced me to some bizarre shit from which I am only now recovering.

  2. Robin Roberts Says:

    I was with you, Andy, until you tried to connect Scientology to Christianity.

  3. andy Says:

    I did not connect them in the particular, but in type.

    That is, Christians can laugh at silly ideas like Thetans and the results that come from such belief, but they’d do well to examine their own irrational beliefs (e.g. resurrections, demons, etc) that have also caused similar tragedies to happen.

  4. Robin Roberts Says:

    Some Christians believe in silly irrational ideas that cause “tragedies” like refusing medical treatment, but they are a small minority. But most Christians do not hold beliefs that conflict with modern life, as Scientologists do ( here, Scientology is at war with modern psychiatry as Scientology purports to “cure” mental illnesses with its silly pay-per-level faux religion ). I don’t see the equivalent to this in any but a small number of oddball Christian sects.

  5. andy Says:

    Really? So the Vatican doesn’t keep exorcists on staff?

    I didn’t realize Catholics were “a small” “oddball Christian sect.”

  6. Robin Roberts Says:

    Come on, Andy, which of the Catholic dioceses is prescribing exorcism? None. They are not equivalent here. This one is over the top.

  7. andy Says:


    Vatican Releases New Rite for Exorcism, dated January 1999 (granted, those 20th century Catholics are far removed from our enlightened 21st century, but still…).

    If they don’t think it has a place nor a reality, they sure don’t act like it…

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