In the WWR Kitchen, A Series

Let’s cut to the chive (get it? chive instead of chase? oh i slay..well, not me, not just then anyway).

Smoky Strip Steaks with Chimichurri Sauce – except I just used a sirloin, seasoned with salt and pepper, and brushed with vegetable oil before slapping it on the grill.


Sweet Potato Hash Browns – except I didn’t feel like spending $3 for fresh thyme, and then I forgot to use dried instead. I did, however, use the instructed amount of bacon, even though I halved all the ingredients since I was only feeding the fam. You can never have too much bacon (see: Kevin, “Footloose”).

The wife’s verdict: downright tasty and “the best hash browns I’ve ever had anywhere.” See, behold, bacon!

No boiled bags of biohazards or Hamburger Helper here, no sir!

3 Responses to “In the WWR Kitchen, A Series”

  1. Robin Roberts Says:

    You know the joke about the guys in hunting camp who have to keep cooking until another says he doesn’t like the food? Wives will praise anything we cook just to make sure we cook again.

  2. andy Says:

    No, no, she’s experienced my infamous green soup, so she’s not one to lie. :)

  3. Robin Roberts Says:

    Such, but hospitalization is an exception that proves the rule.

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