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Big Sis Meets Littler Bro

Tuesday, July 31st, 2007

The wee Fiona stopped by for a visit this afternoon. I’m about to take her home for the night, but thought everyone would want to give a collective “awwww” and then some of you who have been reading for years can say “Wow, we knew her when she was this big.”

And it would be like a communal, virtual group hug.

And no, that’s not my hand on your bottom. Unless it is.


Back later…

And Speaking of Babies…

Tuesday, July 31st, 2007

How is it that I missed being quoted in that last bastion of great intellectual power, WorldNetDaily?

Apparently, just because I wrote a negative post about a woman who died from complications while attempting to get an abortion, all because she didn’t pay heed to doctor’s orders, I hate women and love abortion.

I suppose if I write a negative post about a smoker who dies from lung cancer it really means I love big tobacco and hate the pulmonary system.

Or if I wrote about someone reading WorldNetDaily for its rich insights, it would mean… oh, who am I kidding? Since when has WND had “insight” beyond “God said so?”

I feel all dirty now, and not just because I’ve been cleaning poopy bottoms.

This Time, We Really Interrupt This Blog for a Baby

Monday, July 30th, 2007

Say hello to World Wide Runt #3.

Introducing Piers Edward, who today joins Fiona Evelyn and Ewan Quinn in the ranks of our little clan. He weighed 7 pounds 11 ounces, and was 20.75 inches long (if I recall correctly – when I next see the little info card, I’ll amend if necessary).

Mom and baby are doing well, and should be out of their respective recovery rooms shortly.

And then the real fun begins. For the next 22 years.


Thanks for the well wishes, and I’ll try to blog a bit in the wee small hours of the morning.

Cold War, Here We Come

Monday, July 30th, 2007

Ah, democratic Mother Russia, we hardly knew you.

A must read article on Putin’s manipulation of Russia’s desperate youth with nationalistic jingoism, xenophobic violence, and a little baby-making naughty-naughty too.

Silly, Harmless Beliefs – A Continuing Series

Monday, July 30th, 2007

On a happier note, this time out the right person ended up dead:

PHOENIX, Arizona (AP) — Officers responding to a report of an exorcism on a young girl found her grandfather choking her and used stun guns to subdue the man, who later died, authorities said Sunday.

“The purpose was to release demons from this very young child,” said Sgt. Joel Tranter.

Officers arrived at the house Saturday and entered when they heard screaming coming from a bedroom, Tranter said.

A bed had been pushed up against the door; the officers pushed it open a few inches and saw Marquez choking his bloodied granddaughter, who was crying in pain and gasping, Tranter said.

A bloody, naked 19-year-old woman who police later determined to be Marquez’s daughter and the girl’s mother was in the room, chanting “something that was religious in nature,” Tranter said.

While no specific religious belief is mentioned, that’s largely irrelevant: many, including our own popular Christianity, expressly support the nonsense that is demonic possession. Sure, most folks in the modern world, when push comes to casting out, seek the science of medicine rather than the ooga-booga, hocus-pocus and “Amen!” of a witch doctor. That, however, doesn’t let them off the hook for their continued support of a 2000 year old book of folklore and myth as the final word on this, that, and the other thing.


Treasure Hunt: Laundry Room Edition

Sunday, July 29th, 2007

While furiously cleaning the house today, as we have a number of guests coming to entertain Child 1 and Child 2 while we’re off having Child 3, I took a whack at the laundry room (also home to our second pantry and a closet full of junk that just hasn’t found a good home elsewhere).

Being industrious – and a bit of a mop-wielding masochist – I decided to move the washing machine and give a good scrub under there, as it hasn’t seen daylight in several years. Upon moving it, I came upon:

  • A crisp one dollar bill – my lucky day!

  • A large patch of what was either dried up dog puke or dog pee, although were I a betting man with a crisp new one dollar bill (hey, wait…) I’d wager on the puke aspect, given the chunky bits. Adding to the esophageal ambiance was a metric ton of dog and cat hair fully caked into the former morass of goo that was now solidified nasty-ick.

Perhaps they were signs from above… the dollar to help me out with the avalanche of medical bills that will follow from tomorrow’s procedure (I picked a fine year to scale back my medical insurance to the cheap plan) and the goo as my own personal warm-up comedian preparing me for the hilarity that is those first few newborn diapers.

See, and that’s why I don’t believe in God, because, dude, that’s just mean.

We’re off to the hospital in the morning. Should have babydom by early afternoon. Updates then.

Out. Yo.

A Passing Thought on Music

Friday, July 27th, 2007

I thought it would be centuries hence before a band could suck the chrome off the bumper of musicality more than Nickelback, but Hinder has shown me to be gravely mistaken.

For Sale: Male Genitalia, Used

Thursday, July 26th, 2007

Oh, man.

I bought a minivan.

We Interrupt This Blog for a Baby

Tuesday, July 24th, 2007

Well, maybe.

The delivery is scheduled for Monday, but there’s contractual (heh) evidence that things might happen sooner.

We’re keeping an eye on things (and Mrs. WWR is keeping a mucous plug on things for the time being).

Stay tuned.

Could be a big bunch of nothing.

Update: OK, so we’re at the hospital.


Update 2: And we’re home from the hospital.

They used the amazing miracle extensive knowledge of prayer modern medicine to hold off the contractions so the baby can bake a little longer.

We’re still on for a Monday delivery, unless baby decides it has other plans. Again.

Riddle Steve This

Monday, July 23rd, 2007

While the Democratic candidates are, tonight, fielding carefully selected (yet ever-so-spontaneous and, dare I say, challenging) questions from the YouTube public, I think it’s a safe bet that Steve Green’s questions won’t make the cut.