So Much For Omnipotence

Looks like Allah can’t quite get his shit together as a third terrorist attack fails in the United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom raised its terrorism threat level to critical, the highest level possible, Saturday after a vehicle plowed into the terminal building at Scotland’s busiest airport and burst into flames.

Authorities at the highest levels are assuming the fiery incident in Glasgow is directly linked to the discovery Friday of two explosives-laden cars in London.

One of two men who drove the car into the terminal’s main entrance later died of burns at a hospital.

Police and witnesses in Glasgow described an SUV-style vehicle in flames being driven at full speed toward the building.

Few details provided at the moment, but it sounds like yet another explosive device malfunctioned in the hands of radical Islamic incompetence.

I’m thinking this was the act of homegrown extremists, as the Al Qaeda elements in Iraq have only become more agile and complex in their attacks. These idiots seem to be the terrorist equivalent of the Keystone Cops.

It’s easy to point and laugh at these Allahu Akbar yahoos, but even the most unlikely of folks see short-term success every now and again (reference: Lyle Lovett / Julia Roberts).

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  1. Robin Roberts Says:

    If you are making fun of Lyle Lovett, you’ll go to hell.

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