Come Together

Just a quick note… more to come. Spent the afternoon in the company of Mr. and Mrs. Michael as well as Geoff at a C.B. & Potts in south Denver today. The beer and conversation flowed, it was all very lovely and entertaining and a sign of just how the blogosphere brings together people of varying beliefs to enjoy each other’s company… and, uh, the waitress was great and had delightful breasts boobies.


Pictures follow:

Our waitress and some guy.

Well, hello

Our waitress, the twins*, and the lovely Mrs. Michael, whose opinions resonate with my mine on at least a few topics, which should scare most of Michael’s readers.

Mrs. Michael and her

The happy couple!

Happy couple

Geoff (who I found attended the Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash at the Denver Press Club way back when, but – due to illness – after organizing it with David, I got ill and had to bail by 10pm – it is to weep!). But, uh, yeah, here he is with the waitress…wait, sorry, with Michael.

Although, I’m sure Michael has fabulous boobies. I didn’t check.

Geoff and Michael



And apropos of absolutely nothing, here’s the wee Fiona seated in the belly of a UH-60.


* I only do this in jest, of course. Particularly when I think back to when my friend Sean, his friend, and I went to a bar in Golden several years ago. The bartender was beautiful and, between orders, was studying a textbook (since we were near a number of universities, not surprising). Sean’s friend asked her what she was studying, thinking it would be nothing, and it turned out to be some god awful physical / superduper / Earth and stuff / engineering book with all sorts of formulae and hundreds of pages.

That made her ever hotter. Zow!

4 Responses to “Come Together”

  1. Retired Geezer Says:

    Hey, great photos, Andy. Looks like you had a great time.

    No wonder Julio the pool boy keeps hanging around Mrs. Michael.

  2. Dave in Texas Says:

    Awesome. Who’s the cute kid in the helicopter?

  3. lauraw Says:

    Did Geoff get carded?

  4. andy Says:

    That’d be my 4 year old.

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