Hey, People, I Need $12.58 Or God Will Call Me Home!*

What’s the big deal?

Police want your help finding two men they say convinced an elderly man to withdraw money they said they needed in to accept a “bogus” prize.

The suspects then accompanied the man to several banks, including the Vectra Bank at 1380 S. Federal Blvd. in Denver on June 13 to withdraw “good faith” money.

The elderly man wound up withdrawing $13,000 in cash. He says he has not seen his cash or the suspects since.

God’s representatives on Earth have been taking money from people of all ages for centuries without delivering on their promises (or *snicker* telling them they have to die to collect their prize), and no one seems to have a problem with that.

Fools, money, parting of ways.

(Although, assuming the elderly man was not of the soundest of minds, I hope they catch the dirtbags).

* Wait, I haven’t put the Paypal link up on the new design yet. Oh no! I’m doomed!

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