Doctor’s Orders!

Long we’ve heard that conservatives are all about personal responsibility. So goes the story, anyway.

If such is the case, why is Michelle Malkin getting so worked up?

The San Jose Mercury News reports today that the mother of a young woman who died at a Riverside, Calif., Planned Parenthood clinic has sued the abortion provider blaming malpractice for her daughter’s toxic shock syndrome death.

Sounds bad, huh? Until you read the story, which Michelle quotes, and see that the woman died because she did not follow the instructions given to her.

Goode allegedly went to a Planned Parenthood clinic in Riverside for an abortion on Jan. 31 and a nurse inserted the dilators, which are usually left in overnight before an abortion.

The suit said Goode, who didn’t return to the clinic to have the dilators removed, had an infection and the dilators became a conduit, spreading it throughout her body.

A commenter provided even more detail from another article:

Planned Parenthood attempted to get in contact with Goode, to get her to come in and have dialators removed.

Her mother is suing PP saying they didn’t try hard enough to get in touch with her.

You know, if the doctor says “take two of these and call me in the morning” and you decide to take just one and then sleep in, whose fault is it when something goes horribly wrong? Hint: not the doctor’s.

Whether you support abortion rights or not, this is a non-story.

Edrica Goode died because of her own willful negligence or general stupidity.

I’d send you over to read the whole thing, but it’s about what you would expect…Planned Parenthood doesn’t give the facts about emotional and physical risks (they do, just check their website)… abortion causes breast cancer (actually, the consensus is that it does not)… Planned Parenthood is murdering women (three claims, two of which seem to have nothing to do with the providers, out of how many hundreds of thousands? And how many women die in childbirth?)…

I think the pro-lifers can be just as nutty as the abort-moments-before-birth crowd, and so long as each of them relies on lies, distortion, and ignorance as preferred tools of argumentation, we should just point and laugh.




4 Responses to “Doctor’s Orders!”

  1. Brent Rasmussen Says:

    Tag, you’re it. Heheh…

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  3. Christina Says:

    Let’s see — if she dies from one of those horrible back alley abortions, it’s all the fault of the horrible right-to-lifers who tried to tell her it was a bad thing that she shouldn’t do. If she dies from one of those wonderful safe and legal abortions, she it was her own fault somehow.

    That’s the double standard the abortion lobby has. Edrica was just grist for the mill.

    I’ll believe that the people like you actually care about women when you’re as upset about girls like Edrica as you are about imaginary girls who exist only in your own heads.

  4. andy Says:

    Christina, you might want to take a short course in logic.

    If she dies from a back alley abortion, the root cause IS that other, safer alternatives were taken from her by the likes of you. If she dies from a doctor-performed abortion, it could be due to medical incompetence, sheer bad luck, or – as in this case – the patient’s refusal to follow instructions.

    I’ll take compassionate conservatism seriously when every compassionate conservative has adopted an unwanted child.

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