And Speaking of Music…

I added another widget to the sidebar over there; this one shows you what my recently played tracks are, at least on the new home PC. My work PC isn’t supposed to have any MP3 files on it, and – so far as you know – it sure doesn’t. But, even if it did, I doubt the company wants me pinging after every song just to report back to you, the masses.

Which isn’t to say that you’re not all lovely, because, let’s be truthful, you are.


You know, I could type that word a million times (current lifetime count: 7) and it would still look to me like I just made it up. It’s like the duck-billed platypus of the English language.

Anyway, yeah, new widgy-wahoo over on the right.

For the record, Tara did not make me do this.

One Response to “And Speaking of Music…”

  1. Michael Meyer Says:

    Beautiful day in Denver today.

    Yup, I’m in your home town, visiting relatives. Of course, while I am here I am also trying to spread the Gospel message to your friends and neighbors. :)

    We’re here because the relatives are all on our way to a family reunion (on Mrs. Michael’s side) in Summit County. I drove here from Ohio, so I’m planning to do some four-wheeling with my SUV. I’ve done this a few times in southwest Colorado, around Telluride, but never in the Front Range. I’ve only been skiing and camping in Summit County. We bought a book — looks like there are some great jeep trails in that area. When the weekend reunion is over, we’re going to stay over next week (in Frisco) and see if we can survive a few of the more difficult trails.

    If you are going to be in Summit County next week, shoot me an email. I’m good for dinner and drinks. Or, you can even ride along with us for the white-knuckle off-road experience. I guarantee that you will see spectacular scenery that most Coloradans do not experience, plus several opportunities to contemplate the immediacy of death. This might be good for your soul.

    It’s not really that dangerous. It just feels that way if you don’t understand exactly what the vehicle can do, and how to use it.

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