Finally, Someone Links to my Uber-Greatosity

Among a multitude of other skills (none of which I can print here*), Tara knows quality and righteousness when she sees them. Check it out and weep, y’all:

I found this on the blog of a fellow Rocky Mountain blogger, Andy, of The World Wide Rant…It’s so beautiful, I’m almost speechless. Almost.

It’s not nearly as dirty as it sounds, which is quite unfortunate, but my ego will take what it can get right now. No, alas, dear Tara’s talking about the awesome – nay, SPECTACULAR! – Lijit Wijit hanging, unlike my boys, just to the right over there.

You should get yourself one too.

Or maybe ask Tara to con you into putting one up, and you too can wake up one morning after a Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash with an emu in handcuffs, an electric sander (fine grain), and a complete memory lapse of the night before.

Sometimes it’s best not to ask.

* Especially because I don’t happen to know what they are.

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