In the WWR Kitchen, A Series

We had another couple and their son over last night, so that meant the bulk of the day was spent cleaning WWR HQ to make it presentable, as two kids, two dogs, two cats, and two adults who aren’t big on cleaning can really take a toll on a house. Bookending that work detail was some prep work for the meal and then, huzzah, the meal itself.

So, you’re asking (and I can hear you from here), what did I serve?

The entree was a Brazilian beer-marinated Chicken from the grill. It was moist and tasty, although I noticed the fresh ginger and the caraway seeds more than the Xingu black beer from Brazil (hence the name of the dish).

Accompanying each chicken breast on the plate was a mixed green salad with a winged dressing of lime juice, oil, red wine vinegar, and honey. Bottled salad-dressing is the greatest rip off in the history of mankind (or, one of them); a fresh, homemade dressing is far superior and simple to make.

For dessert, I thought that the “Grilled Pound Cake with Mexican Chocolate Sauce and Tropical Fruit” would be a good thematic match for the chicken (because Mexico and Brazil are both somewhere south of the United States; what more reason do I need?). Anyway, it was a hit, so yay me.

Beverages abounded: a Snoqualmie Syrah, bottles of Xingu and Redhook IPA, cans of Guinness, and – uh – lemonade.

After it all wound down and our guests left, the family spent the next hour or so dancing around to a random 80s playlist, which doesn’t sound nearly as cool as the meal above, but was miles better.

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