Very Important Post! Very Important!

Right here, right now, with all of you as my witnesses, I would like to formally acknowledge…uh… ol’ what’s-her-name.

You’re so terribly, terribly welcome.

7 Responses to “Very Important Post! Very Important!”

  1. Tara Anderson Says:

    It’s like all my dreams are coming true…I’ve been acknowledged by a man who wants me to feed his monkey. Really what more can I hope of accomplishing in my life?

  2. andy Says:

    Are you hitting on me?

    Are you?


    Well, why the hell not?

  3. Tara Anderson Says:

    I was saving up my affection for the Blogger Bash, when I can buy you a drink, look deeply into your eyes, and say what I’ve always wanted to say to you…”Making love banana!”

  4. andy Says:

    I can’t wait!

    The suspense is terrible. I hope it lasts!

  5. Tara Anderson Says:

    I must say sir, you do have the best looking Lijit wijit (and best title for it) that I’ve yet to see! Thanks for finally trying us out…

  6. andy Says:

    I’m banking on you picking up my bar tab on 7/7, sister.

  7. Tara Anderson Says:

    The entire bar tab? I’ll put Lijit out of business if I try that…how about a couple of rounds? Or some extra special shot or two?

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