Dinesh D’Souza: Imbecile, A Continuing Series

Not to invoke Godwin in the very first sentence, but I suppose Dinesh would have kept photographic evidence of Nazi atrocities hush hush too:

Testifying at the preliminary hearing for officers charged in the Haditha case, where Iraqi civilians were killed, Marine Justin Laughner testified that he was ordered to destroy photos of the dead civilians wrapped in blankets.

Laughner said that Lt. Andrew Grayson told him to get rid of the photos so that they would not be included in a report being prepared for top-ranking officers and a Time magazine reporter. “It was wrong,” Laughner said. “Somebody was asking for them, and we’re not going to give them to them? It’s not right.”

As it turns out, Laughner deleted the photos from his computer but they were still one his digital camera. So the world did see them, and they are now being used in the Haditha prosecution. My point is not that the photos should have been destroyed, but that they should have been carefully guarded and shown only to the proper authorities. If crimes were committed, there are court martials and other ways to handle the offenders.

On the other hand, images that are carefully guarded and shown only to a select few also may just as well not exist, if the players involved aren’t honest (and, you know, we’ve certainly seen no evidence of ass-covering to date, not a bit, just ask the Tillman family).

It’s a damned shame that small groups of misfits sully the image of our country and our armed forces, but we should counter that with images of the good the rest of our men and women do, rather than trying to hide the bad. In fact, we should own up to the mistakes made as soon as possible – transparency becomes control.

If the “liberal press” doesn’t highlight the stories Dinesh spooges over, then perhaps we need some conservative outlets – I don’t know, maybe a national news channel and, say, a newspaper named after a street where a lot of financial transactions are conducted.

If the enemy’s propaganda machine is so much better than ours, perhaps we should learn something from them (we could probably make some nifty videos in Arabic, but maybe we’re short-handed after kicking out the Arabic-speaking homosexuals). They make internet videos that spur people to anger and action; our government makes anti-drug ads with poorly-animated cartoon dogs.

Gosh, I can’t imagine why they have more success.

Even more frightening than Dinesh’s regular detachment from that plane of existence we call “reality” are some of the comments from his right-wing readers:

If civilians are killed, its too bad, they should realize they are just as responsible as are the soldiers and not harbor the criminals in their locations.


War is ugly, however, we are in one and we can not win if we have rules. This is exactly what they are counting on.

That’s right – apparently living in a war zone where the enemy holes up around you means you should die, and we can’t possibly win this war unless we let our soldiers rape young Iraqi women and kill their families. Onward to victory!

Remember, folks, these people vote.

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  1. yojoe Says:

    It continues to get worse. The result of the investigation into the charges against Capt Stone resulted in a recommendation that all charges be dropped.

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