A Question for the Legal-Types Among You

Let’s say you get called for jury duty.

And let’s say you end up on jury duty.

And let’s say it’s going to be a long trial.

Does the Court take into consideration that you’re the sole breadwinner for a family with two small children and a very pregnant wife, and that you’re facing some mounting medical bills this year?

Not that any of the above, except the first item, has happened yet, but I’m curious about options. I want to serve, just not for more than a few days, as it would – well – make life really, really difficult.

7 Responses to “A Question for the Legal-Types Among You”

  1. Michael Ditto Says:

    Yes, if you plead hardship at jury selection you can sometimes get out of it. But not always.

    Haynes Trane Service Agency vs. American Standard D/B/A The Trane Company was 6 weeks of my life that I’ll never get back.

    Not to say I didn’t enjoy the experience on some level. Two of the best trial lawyers in the business and the most well-known Federal judge in town.

    The key will be your very pregnant wife. How pregnant? Is there a high likelihood that she will pop the kid out in the middle of trial and cause you to have to be excused?

  2. Blake Says:

    How about if you plead deafness? Works for me!

  3. andy Says:

    Two things:

    1 – the wife is 7.5 months pregnant with a c-section scheduled for 7/30; she’s also had an experience with Ewan with pre-term labor, so there’s always the risk of that. Given Ewan’s ongoing feeding issues (i.e. caloric intake and allergies), there’s also little way she could cope alone for a month without my help.

    2 – I just called the juror line and it sounds like my # is not up for tomorrow. I will call back to make sure I didn’t imagine it. :-)

  4. molly_g Says:

    One of the best parts of being selected for jury duty is hearing people’s excuses for not being able to be on the jury. The last time I was called, one man said he was physically unable to sit for more than 15 minutes. The judge said, that’s alright, we’ll just have you in the back row, you can stand whenever you need to.

    It was a rape trial. I got out of it because I told them I studied feminist theory in college. But like, I went to college in the 90’s. Everyone ended up studying feminist theory in one way or another. But still, being a feminazi saved me from hearing a icky rape trial and missing a few weeks of work!

    I think you’d have been more likely to be excused if you told them about how you are agnostic!!!

  5. Whatever Says:

    If all else fails, say you have a bias in the case. If it’s an insurance company, say you love them, say you hate them. Say you love rapists. Whatever. If you have a bias in the case, you can’t be on the jury.

  6. wheels Says:

    Tell them you believe in jury nullification. The judge won’t be able to get you out of there fast enough.

  7. PatrickP Says:

    Schedule the c-section for July 21 and name the baby Patrick.

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