Dinesh D’Souza: Imbecile

But I repeat myself.

To wit:

Jack Kevorkian’s quality of life has gone markedly down since he was sentenced to prison eight years ago. He’s now out at the age of 79, and I’m sure those aches and pains are kicking in big time….

My question to Kevorkian is: when he is going to follow in the path of the 130 people whose deaths he helped engineer and take his own life?

Kevorkian saw himself as doing a useful service to society over the years by performing euthanasia. Now by his own admission his service to society is over. If we apply the utilitarian standard so beloved by euthanasia advocates, do we really need this 79 year old anymore?

First, allow me to say that I can fully understand those who are against euthanasia because of beliefs such as “only God has the right to take a life.” I think basing one’s belief system on the laughable existence of a mythical being is silly, but at least their argument follows from their premise, no matter how wrong it might be.

Given that Mr. D’Souza seems to always have a raging erection for the wonders of religion, it should give one pause why he would so comfortably lie about Kevorkian. Well, it would give one pause if we weren’t so aware that the religious are all too happy to lie if it advances their cause (hmmm, maybe it’s some kind of bizarre martyrdom, pissing off God to please God… religion’s never been much for logic, you know).

Kevorkian did not go around assisting people who felt they had outlived their usefulness to society (however one might define that); he assisted people whose quality of life had been so degraded by illness and pain that they chose to die at a time and in a manner of their choosing, rather than in abject agony when their body finally surrendered, or when some doctor or court decided they had suffered enough. Call it the ultimate in living wills.

D’Souza shouldn’t have to wait long to break out the party hats, though: from what I have read, Kevorkian’s Hepatitis C is well on its way to taking his life.

But, now, to answer the question: Do we really need this 79 year old man anymore?

As long as we have people thinking like Dinesh D’Souza and friends, those who favor giving control of the mind to religion and control of the body to the state, then yes we do.

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  1. Jon Says:

    Alls I know is that Mike Wallace, 89 year old 60 MINUTES host, was in the van that picked up Kevorkian, and he hasn’t been seen since. I think that trip was the “just one more glass of elderberry wine” of Martha and Abby Brewster and now Kevorkian’s off to Happy Dale.

  2. hubs Says:

    here here! i couldn’t agree with you more.
    what ever happened to Dr. K’s hunger strike though?

  3. S. Weasel Says:

    Not so. Some of the people he assisted turned out, on autopsy, to be completely free of the diseases they thought they had. Some were merely depressed. In some of those cases, he didn’t bring a psychiatrist on board first. Take a look at the guy’s artwork and tell me he isn’t just a death-obsessed creep.

    As one atheist to another — and as someone who wants euthanasia as a personal option — I gotta tell you, Kevorkian makes a terrible poster child.

  4. Roger Fraley Says:

    Would you quit picking on Dinesh. He’d a very smart guy and a great writer and since there are about zero people in the world with whom we agree all the time on everything, you needn’t go ad hominem just because you disagree with him about religion and the cause of Muslim hatred of America, etc. You agree with D’Souza more than you disagree. This is your militant atheism blinding you to your true brotherhood, brother.

  5. andy Says:

    Will I quit picking on him? No. We may agree on any number of things, but if his argumentation on those issues is just as poor, well, I’m not going to give him a big team hug, Besides, it’s not so much that he disagrees with me that I go after him, it’s that he does so with a dishonest zeal.

    P.S. It’s not just atheists who think people should be allowed to choose to die with a modicum of dignity and self-determination.

  6. Roger Fraley Says:

    Maybe not, but it’s mainly them. Dying with dignity is like having your second cousin approve of whom you sleep with, the dying part just overwhelms whether you’re in charge or not.

  7. ErikZ Says:


    “Merely depressed”

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