Please Don’t Go

While I think that the final two on American Idol should be Blake Lewis and Melinda Doolittle, I must admit that I would be sad to see Jordin Sparks (who is 27 feet and 2 inches tall) leave the show.

Because of her singing? Not so much.

Because of the way she makes Ryan Seacrest look like one of The Littles? Nope, not even that!

It’s because she’s been very good for this site’s traffic and revenue, with each week that she moves closer to the top spot making things that much better.

So – Jordin – you go, girl!

If you don’t, I guess I’ll have to find out what searches people are doing for Blake and Melinda and play that up too.

And that sounds like a modest effort. Ugh.

Update! Excellent, Jordin Sparks has made it through to the final round, which means I will see many of you good searching people next week. Hurrah!

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