American Idol Live Recap, May 15, 2007

I missed Jordin Sparks’ performance, but caught the tail end of the judges’ comments. Not much for me to offer here except: man, that dress was not flattering to a 27 foot tall woman like Jordin (and, you know, she’s not unattractive).

Blake Lewis, Round One: I agree with Simon. The only way to sing “Roxanne” is to try to imitate Sting, because singing it normally would be bland and doing something different would earn Simon’s wrath. That said, it wasn’t a bad performance, there just wasn’t a whole lot of “there” there.

Melinda Doolittle, Round One: I think that’s your next American idol right there.


Jordin Sparks, Round Two: I was unimpressed until the end when she started belting out the song with some power and feeling. I’m still generally unimpressed with myself for writing about this show so often.

Blake Lewis, Round Two: Maroon 5 as performed by Jamiroquai? Not the best singer of the lot, but I figure there are millions of 12-year old girls who buy multiple copies of his stuff.

Melinda Doolittle, Round Two: OK, so maybe Blake will be your next American idol.

Update: And then I changed channels.


Anyway, my bet for next week is Blake vs Melinda in a heavyweight title match for the ages (10-14).

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