Got Plans Tonight?

It’s short notice, I realize, but if you’re free tonight – say, not hanging out with the in-laws or the future in-laws, depending upon whom you are – might I recommend you visit the Mercury Cafe for Tellerpalooza?

Tellerpalooza IV: No school like the Old school!

Four years strong, TellerPalooza raises money to support Teller Elementary, Congress Park’s neighborhood school. TellerPalooza showcases incredible local Denver bands, including Teller’s own student band and the Denver School of the Arts Small Jazz group, in the intimate Mercury Cafe’ on 22nd and California.

It sounds like a good time will be had by all, with some good tunes and – of course – beer. Mmmm, beer.

If you do go, send along a friendly grope of the bottom from me to her*, if you would.

* Not that I’ve ever groped her bottom, but I’m all about living vicariously and not getting into trouble with Mrs. WWR.

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