Did She Turn Anyone Into a Newt?

Superstitious acceptance of religious myth strikes again!

A crowd of Guyanese villagers lynched an elderly woman they accused of being an evil spirit who drinks the blood of human babies, police said Monday.

Authorities in the South American country said the woman raised suspicions with unusual behavior and was set upon by villagers who apparently believed she was an “Old Higue”—the equivalent of a vampire in the local Obeah religion that blends folk magic and African rituals.

Some expressed surprise at the persistence of belief in Higues, a creature said to take the shape of an old woman who can shrink herself to enter victims’ homes through a keyhole.

Pfffft. Silly old beliefs.

Besides, everyone knows that the real problem is cranky, invisible demons that inhabit the bodies of humans, disparage the names of the triune God, and can only be removed by a proper exorcism.

Because that’s so much more sensible and realistic, see.

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    I got bettah.

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