Oh, to Have a Second Life…

So, on a whim, former WWR-contributor Tom and I checked out the massively multi-player virtual world of Second Life last night.

Maybe we’re missing something, but – as Tom pointed out – what is the appeal in living a virtual life that is actually more dull than your real life?

Sure, maybe I can’t fly in the real world, but I can drink real beer, go to real restaurants, and touch real boobies. I guess at least two of those are ruled out when some folks live in their mom’s basement though.

Seriously, are we missing something? Help a coupla brothas out, yo.

2 Responses to “Oh, to Have a Second Life…”

  1. Roger Fraley Says:

    So your real life is wasted down in the basement on a computer being an unsatisfying collection of pixels, not even an avatar to a “real” place. My question is how does the virtual life game you describe even exist?

  2. ErikZ Says:

    I hang out with creatures in second life that do not exist in real life.

    Plus it’s cheaper.

    Mostly it’s just a fancy chat room at this point, where you can make stuff.

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