New Canceled Fox Series: Drive

Well, that sucks: they lure you in with a big promotional campaign, get you interested (at least somewhat) in who wins and why they’re racing, and then…

They go and cancel the damn show.

How am I supposed to spend my Monday nights if I can’t gawk at the ever-so-cute Melanie Lynskey and the “why can’t my character find a bra to hold these things properly” Mircea Monroe? And, you know, worry about if they’ll win the race – and, maybe, if there’s a tie, they have to make out with each other or something. Indeed, in order to win, WHO CAN MAKE OUT THE LONGEST??

See, if I was writing the show, it wouldn’t have been canceled.

4 Responses to “New Canceled Fox Series: Drive”

  1. Roger Fraley Says:

    The lesson seems to be don’t be sucked in by big promotional campaigns for suck ass shows. Wish I knew more about the bra thing you’re talking about here, but I wasn’t even tempted to watch the show. And I do believe that if you had been writing it, the show would have been funnier but still cancelled. Sorry.

  2. Julie O. Says:

    It was actually a show I looked forward to watching (so you can suck on my ass, Roger). Maybe the CW should have picked it up since it got almost three times the ratings their shows get.

    I so often feel cheated that I can’t participate in ratings because my husband works for a media outlet and I apparently have a mostly minority taste in programming. I’m so sick of corporate suits who expect big hits right out of the gate and won’t give a show a chance.

  3. JD Says:

    Add “Drive” to “Jericho” as shows that make you anticipate the next episode, and that the suits have pulled the plug on. And here I was, thinking that Fox had a better feel for the pulse of the viewers than the Big 3 networks do. Thank God for NetFlix, so we have something ggod to watch on the old big screen at home.

  4. Julie Says:

    I can’t believe this show was canceled It was a great show. I couldn’t wait until Monday night to come around so I could see what was going to happen next. I don’t know who you got up there pulling the plug on good shows. But they don’t know what real entertainment is . You know sometimes the best soup is the one that slowly stewed all day. So it was slow at first, I know from co-workers that it was picking up viewers. We all talked about it at work. I hate to get involved and then the rug be pulled out from under me. I really do think they should let us see the end of this one at least.

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