The Dawkins Factor

Thanks to Janus Online for pointing out that the Richard Dawkins / Bill O’Reilly segment is available now on YouTube.

I’ve only watched the first few moments and O’Reilly opens up with the argument from personal incredulity (i.e. “I can’t believe this all happened like science says, so you lose.”).

His intellect continues to astound.

Let’s see if it gets any better…

Oh, lordy:

I’m throwin’ in with Jesus, rather than be thrown in with you guys, because you guys can’t tell me how it all got here.

The thinking here continues to amaze, does it not? “Modern science doesn’t have all the answers, so I’m going to bank on a 2000+ year old book of stories written by ignorant men in the Middle East. Take that, atheist!”

Shortly followed up by the “it’s true for me” and “you can’t prove Jesus isn’t God” arguments. Wow.

Now it’s time for “look at all the people atheism has killed!” – demonstrating that O’Reilly’s understanding of political systems and motivations is pretty much akin to his understanding of, well, just about anything more complex than a ham sandwich.

And then closing with what can best be called “God exists because religion is the opiate of the masses.”

Um, huh?

Well, that segment added exactly nothing of value to the national discourse on atheism. The most enjoyable part was Dawkins’ continuous smirk in response to O’Reilly’s idiocy.

P.S. Bill, the next time you have a guest on the show and plug their book, you might actually want to read it – or, preferably, understand it.

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