The Apprentice: Finale

Well, after watching maybe two or three episodes this season, I can’t really say I was surprised (or even not surprised) by the Donald’s choice for his apprentice. Such is the way it goes when you really don’t care.

However, I’ve begun to care a bit more since clicking through to the homepage of the winner, Stefani Schaeffer.


I particularly like the way the header says “Attorney / Apprentice Candidate” and then the first shot you see is of her ample bosoms threatening to tumble from her soft-fitting top. I know when I go looking for a lawyer or a new hire, I prefer hooters over know-how.

Although hooters with know-how, well, that’s an unbeatable pair. Or three of a kind, I guess, seeing as how hooters come in pairs.

Update: Just saw on her MySpace page that she is a fan of Nickelback.

This, of course, offsets any good possible goodwill that hooters and know-how can muster.

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