Hey, Look!

Who says religions can’t be self-correcting like science?

Pope Benedict XVI has revised traditional Roman Catholic teaching on so-called “limbo,” approving a church report released Friday that said there was reason to hope that babies who die without baptism can go to heaven.

Sure, it’s about as meaningful as saying you prefer the alternate ending to the theatrical release on that DVD you watched last night, but it’s progress.

You know, if you can get past why their God sees fit to kill little babies in the first place.

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  1. Kafkaesquí Says:

    if you can get past why their God sees fit to kill little babies in the first place

    I think it’s obvious: He whacks them because they’re filled with evil spirits (last paragraph).

    Anything possessed with an evil spirit must be offed, no questions asked. Just look what it leads to. However, evil can hide extremely well under the skin of a cute, cuddly baby, so in those cases God has to step in on our behalf. And thank God he does!

  2. Kafkaesquí Says:

    Returning to the point of your post, what’s Benny the Rat have against limbo? I guess it’s an old guy thing, all that bending and stuff.

  3. Tainted Bill Says:

    Now, now…I’m sure new evidence came to light, which was thoroughly tested and peer reviewed before Benedict’s Theory of Unbaptized Infant Ascension was made public.

  4. Julie O. Says:

    Why just babies? Why not underage children who are subject to their parents’ will? And what does God consider the “age of consent,” anyway?

  5. PatrickP Says:

    Limbo was never doctrine, just a theological theory developed as a means of addressing the problem of infants and other innocents who died without benefit of baptism. Limbo is not to be confused with Purgatory.

    Julie, God doesn’t have an “age of consent.” Humans do.

  6. andy Says:

    “theological theory”

    That’s cute. :-)

    How exactly does one test such a theory?

  7. PatrickP Says:

    Ok, more of a point of discussion, but isn’t all theology theoretical?

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