Give Me Some of that Old Time Non-Religion


Richard Dawkins’ presentation at the TED conference in 2002.

Typical Dawkins oratory fun:

So we’ve reached a truly remarkable situation: a grotesque mismatch between the American intelligentsia and the American electorate.

A philosophical opinion about the nature of the universe which is held by the vast majority of top American scientists, and probably the majority of the intelligentsia generally, is so abhorrent to the American electorate, that no candidate for popular election dare affirm it in public.

If I’m right, this means that high office, in the greatest country in the world, is barred to the very people best qualified to hold it: the intelligentsia – unless, they’re prepared to lie about their beliefs.

To put it bluntly, American political opportunities are heavily loaded against those who are simultaneously intelligent and honest.


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  1. molly_g Says:

    Omigod I’m so in love with this Richard Dawkins.

    Elegance is all I strive for.

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