New Fox Series: Drive

Based on the promos, I’ve been to trying to decide whether “Drive” will turn out to be a terrific, edge-of-your-seat, action series or a complete piece of contrived poop that is so ridiculous that any suspension of disbelief is nigh on impossible.

So, tonight I shall watch the pilot episode and report back.

First impression: that Volvo wreck was pretty darn impressive.

Final impression: Hmmm. It’d be better if didn’t inject inappropriate moments of camp and near-comedy, while also trying to be dark and enigmatic.

9 Responses to “New Fox Series: Drive”

  1. Julie O. Says:

    I watched it, too.

    But I think dark enigmatic shows need moments of camp and near-comedy … as long as they’re well done.

  2. Macswain Says:

    Hmmm … I’ve got on TIVO.

    So what’s the verdict … worth watching or not?

  3. Eric Brooks Says:

    Sounds interesting. Now I have to check it out.
    (I have a twisted sense of humor that way)

  4. andy Says:

    I think I will watch a few episodes to see how it goes.

  5. zombyboy Says:

    I’m liking it well enough so far. I’ll tune in next week.

    But someone better get around to explaining the profit motive for the folks who provide the prize, kidnap numerous folks, plot against the players, and otherwise wreak havoc on our legal system for some reason or other…

  6. Julie O. Says:

    Zomcyboy, I tend to think it’s the serious version of Rat Race, in which super-wealthy jackoffs find contestants they think can win the race and then bet on them like rats in a maze. That explains why racers get help when they’re in trouble.

  7. zombyboy Says:

    That actually makes a good bit of sense.

    Thanks, Juie O.

  8. Abbas Says:

    hey i think preettttttttyyyyyyyyyy DAMNnnnnnnnnn GOOD!!!

    when you cant judge the story and its history, that is what you need when u watch it . c it, action, cars and driving is gud,

    i hope more car action/stunts will come up

    Abbas , aKa LORD

  9. JD Says:

    I like it so far, hope it doesn’t get cancelled before the finish line. I think there are clues in the intro montage though, who is driving what and who is riding shotgun… I think they are going to continue paring down the characters, gutshot boy will die next week, am I right?

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