Evelyn Dibben of Annapolis, Maryland: Idiot

What can we do about people like Evelyn? Can we ship them off to the planet Prude n’ Stupid? Speaking about the dropped charges in the Duke non-rape case, she blathers:

Perhaps these young men were not guilty of any crime, but they are far from innocent. If they choose to have a party, drink to excess (illegally?), hire women to strip and then have sex with these women, then they deserve to suffer the consequences — even if these consequences involve false allegations. False allegations are only some of the consequences of drunken casual sex. It’s about time that they learn this very hard lesson.

That’s right, because they may or may not be virgins, they deserve to be (a) falsely accused of rape, (b) tried in the media and by the “group of 88” uber-liberal dirtbags at Duke, and (c) run the risk of having the rest of their lives ruined over youthful indiscretions.

Evelyn Dibben, here’s hoping you’re sterile and that you have not cursed the world with any offspring from your clearly defective gene supply.

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  1. Chip Says:

    I google’d this freaks name just to see if anyone else felt the same as me. Judge not. . . Think I’m gonna head out to get drunk (legally) and have some good ole fashioned casual sex (with multiple partners). Hope the Karma bug doesn’t smack me like it will eventually smack this self-righteous hag.

  2. molly Says:

    Well, she’s right that false allegations could be one of the many consequences of drunken casual sex, but so are intense regret, crabs and waking up to a half-empty container of “I can’t believe it’s not butter” on your nightstand. Drunken casual sex is kind of a russian roulette, then, if you will.

  3. Julie O. Says:

    Hey, I disdain college frat jocks as much as the next person (I don’t know anything about those Duke players, but in my imagination they’re all Steff from Pretty in Pink, even if I secretly think that’s kind of hot).

    But I can imagine how awful false accusations of rape (or any crime, really) must be. That’s just sick and stupid.

  4. Gronk Says:

    I also Googled the moron to see what sort of other amazing and wonderous nuggets of pure idiocy she has left on the Internet.

    What a complete moron.

    No points for guessing what country she is from and what she does on Sundays.

  5. Brian Says:


    ABC News’ Moran writes on his blog that we shouldn’t feel too sorry for the Duke guys because they’re white and rich.

  6. Macswain Says:

    I agree with most of this post but would add a couple of things.

    The Trial in the Media worked to these guys advantage not their disadvantage. Had there been a gag order – something I generally disagree with but the right seems to generally like – these guys wouldn’t have had the opportunity to so fully and ably defend themselves publicly.

    Second, I would observe that innocent people are wrongly charged everyday. Exculpatory evidence is withheld and Brady violations are committed by prosecutors everyday. Innocent people who do not have the money to fully and ably defend themselves are put in prison everyday.

    Where is the outrage on the right against the Dallas DA who imprisoned 12 innocent people – mostly poor and minority – now that those 12 have been unequivocally cleared by DNA? Where is the outrage on the right against a DA in Houston who decided to destroy DNA evidence in the files of people sitting in prison?

    Here the right got to see a DA run amok – calling the defendants hooligans in the press and withholding exculpatory evidence, for example – and this DA hasbeen rightly called out on these antics. This behavior also occurs against the poor and minorities all over the country and is simply shrugged off by the media, the right and even many on the left.

  7. SCL Says:

    I wish some of these stupid blints actually knew what they were talking about. THERE WAS NO SEX. No consentual sex, no non-consentual sex, no rape. NO SEX.

    The only thing I am sorry about is that the state A.G. decided not to press charges against Crystal the lying stripper. It is hard enough for true rape victims without some lying nutjob making it harder.

  8. Paul Says:

    LOL I started off with the “MSNBC – Where’s the Justice Article” which got me to the discussion about what Jackson and Sharpton said about the rape case (which as I recall they DID in fact comment on in the very beginning) which got me to Evelyn Dibben – which got me here. What a friggin’ idiot! I wonder if she drives? By her logic(?) you don’t even need to speed… just drive during rush hour someday – because clearly driving in rush hour shows bad judgement and clearly should result in those folks that choose to participate in such age dangerous activity getting in a reck and dying. Good thing she (apparently) works with computers and not people!

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