American Idol: Live Recap, April 11, 2007

OK, not so live of a recap.

I’m watching it on the DVR and it’s down to Phil, Haley’s boobs, and either Sanjaya or Curious George. Who will it be?

Wow, Sanjaya lives to abuse music another day.

I’m worried now – Haley’s physical assets could pale in comparison to Phil, despite his startling portrayal of Powder, and so far as Curious George goes – well – everyone loves a monkey.

Observation: Once again, Jennifer Lopez offers absolutely nothing of original value to the contestants, other than the chance to guess how many hands they would need to caress her booty. The fact that Sanjaya referred to her advice as “amazing insight” should be telling enough.

But, yo, dog, that booty. That’s hot. You know, if Randy was writing this. Yo.

Final Result: I will, from this night forth, be able to write these reviews with both hands on the keyboard.

I hope you Sanjaya fans are happy. And that you suffer painful bacterial infections of your nether regions.

3 Responses to “American Idol: Live Recap, April 11, 2007”

  1. Julie O. Says:

    This is going too far. Last night I had a dream … make that a nightmare about Sanjaya. It was pretty brief, as I woke up to pee, thus flushing the horrid images out of my system.

  2. Macswain Says:

    Andy & Julie,

    The Sanjaya thing is adding a whole new twist. It’s funny. I now actually look forward to the trainwreck of Sanjaya every week … that’s entertainment. The producers & judges have actually responded well – no histrionics and riding it for the laughs.

    Didn’t you hear – most votes ever cast last week. The producers should be sending Howard Stern a check. It’s like Jackass comes to American Idol.

    I would’ve voted Phil off before Haley. I had the feeling we were a week away from seeing her sing in a bikini.

  3. Julie O. Says:

    I know it’s a goof, but my embarrassment for him overwhelms any sense of humor I might have about it. Plus I would prefer to hear more performances from some of the singers he’s beaten out, such as Gina.

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