Behold, Version 4

Hey, how about that? The site finally got a (somewhat) new look.

Sure, same color scheme. Same globe-crushing monkey (with larger, fat-tongued cousin). Same odd fascination with non-human primates (yes, including creationists).

But, you know what?

The content is now going to be 107% better than before*.

No. Lie.

Special thanks to Dorkafork for the new digs and to Kaf for the offers of assistance. My incredibly limited and ever-shrinking readership rocks somethin’ a-serious, yo.

You are, in the words of the Instapundit, very “chill.”

* By my calculations, that means I have to say “boobies” and/or “yabos” approximately two more times each month to hit that mark. It’ll be difficult, but I’ll give it the old college try.

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  1. PatrickP Says:

    I find the new monkey much less threatening.

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