Sam Harris vs Rick Warren

Newsweek this week is carrying a “debate” between atheist Sam Harris and mega-church founder Rick Warren. The topic? God, of course.

Sadly, there’s not much new there. Warren, who proclaims to believe on faith, proceeds to trot out every tired argument available in an attempt to logically justify his belief, the irony being completely lost on him.

If you order right now, yes, you too can get such classics as “Atheism has Killed Millions (Giddy Up Hey Stalin Hey Stalin Mao Mao),” “Pascal’s Wager (Against All Odds),” and “My God’s Morality (is the Only Thing that Keeps Me from Being Completely Selfish and Kicking Puppies for Orgasmic Joy).”

In the end, the article did not render a verdict (as to do so in favor of Sam Harris would probably cause people to cancel their subscriptions), but Rabbi Marc Gellman – noticing the same lack of finality – offers his, which, unsurprisingly, really doesn’t answer much of anything, except to say that if you believe God exists, then he is real for you. And vice versa.

The same, of course, can be said about Binky the Magic Space Clown, creator of all under the Universal Big Top, bless his floppy shoes and squirty flower.

Just remember, even if you don’t believe in Binky, he believes in you.

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  1. Blake Says:

    Binky comes up again! God bless him.

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