How Tall is Jordin Sparks?

That’s the question many of you seem to be asking judging by the Google searches bringing you here.

As always, I am happy to help.

So, just how tall is Jordin Sparks?

You won’t believe this, but the camera plays tricks on the eye, particularly on American Idol where it periodically makes Paula Abdul look sane.


Jordin Sparks is 27 feet tall.

You’re welcome.

Update! Important! Update! I have heard from my very reliable sources that Ms. Sparks is, in fact, not 27 feet tall, but rather 27 feet 2 inches tall.

We apologize for the error.

Another Update! Now that Jordin Sparks has made it to the final round of the competition, she’s floating on Cloud Nine, making her approximately 7,027 feet and 2 inches tall.

Watch that first step; it’s a doozy.

BREAKING NEWS! Our inside sources also have the scoop on Blake Lewis’ tattoos. They’re not what you think!

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30 Responses to “How Tall is Jordin Sparks?”

  1. Rick Says:

    You’re an idiot

    ed note: thanks!

  2. danelle Says:

    does anyone seriously care? DEATH TO AMERICAN IDOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Tariq Marshall Says:

    Why is it that everyone’s eyes are devoid of solicitude? If you look closely, Jordin Sparks has always worn boots with 3-4″ heels, which thus augment her height respectively. According to IMDB, she is 5’7″; in her heels, she is 5’10-5’11”.

  4. Jane Says:

    Hilarious answer! Laughed out loud.

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    […] be Blake Lewis and Melinda Doolittle, I must admit that I would be sad to see Jordin Sparks (who is 27 feet and 2 inches tall) leave the […]

  6. Becky Says:

    OMG, lol. I did some calculations, and Jordan Sparks is actually 27.432 feet tall.

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    […] worked so well having a post called “How Tall Is Jordin Sparks?,” that I figured we should probably have one in honor of Blake Lewis, the other contender for […]

  8. Annie M. Says:

    Hey guys. :-) All kidding aside (for now :-P), Jordin Brianna Sparks is 6′ tall. She consistently wears high heels on the show, towering over Ryan Seacrest & Blake Lewis…who are shorties at 5’7 or 5’8-ish. Thanks…

  9. REDD Says:

    OMG this is too funny! I just googled “how tall is jordin sparks” and this is where I clicked first. I just saw her against Ryan and I had to google it. LOL POOF here it is.

    She’s absolutely TALL. Her smile brightens the room, however, GOOOOOOO BLAKE!!!

  10. Emily Welsh Says:

    GROW UP!!!
    Jordin is too awsome to be fooled around with like that! =)
    I love you JORDIN!!!
    Email me @ if u have any problems with that!

  11. Phil Says:

    Evidently she is bigger than
    the producers. What in the
    name of good sense was that
    thing in the gold accepting
    that award. Poor taste for an
    otherwise good evening.

  12. TC Says:

    Hey, what’s up with a tall girls? My daughters are 5’11” and 6′ and they are bright, beautiful and talented. Tall girls rule

  13. JL Says:


  14. Heba Says:

    Hello everyone,well I should say I owe Jordin alot.I used to hate the way I look ! Not any more now am really proud,cuz I just look like Jordin wherever I go people stop me and say so ,am so happy.Thank you Jordin.YOU ROCK THE WORLD!

  15. Heba Says:

    PS:am 5’7 maybe just like her,5’10 with heels.LOL

  16. Lorelei Says:

    this is just too silly for words, and yet here I am typing (hehehe!!!)

    The original answer, was way more entertaining than the real scoop. so what, Jordin is tall and likes to where huge heels and Seacrest and Blake are wicked short – BFD!

    lighten up you guys, it ain’t that crucial.

  17. Merrey Says:

    JORDIN IS SIX-ONE WITH NO HEELS. I picked this up on a famous tall woman web site. Anyone who thinks she’s only 5-7 is an idiot. She towers over the other men on the show, which would be consistent with a woman who’s 6-1 and wearing four inch heels. Tall women who wear flats are complete idiots.

  18. David Says:

    too put all these things to rest Jordin is not 6’1” she is only 5’11”

  19. marva Says:

    what is the big secret about JOrdan Spark’s height and weight…is it something to be ashamed about? So what is the big secret? What is her weight and height?

  20. American Idol Tiki God? Says:

    […] your help, she’ll never get the height reduction surgery she so desperately […]

  21. nancy Says:

    heyy guyz im 5’7 5’8 and im only 13 years old i wonder wat im gna be when im around the 16s
    p.s.tall ones are alwayz sexaii lmao

    heyy jordin email me at thnx 😉

  22. diana Says:

    haha, she has laughed at that people thinks she’s 6 feet tall
    she has repeatedly said that
    she’s actually 5’10
    if she was 6′ she would have an entire head over blake lewis when she’s wearing heals
    because a head is around 6-7 inches
    which she never does

  23. William Says:

    I am a guy at only 5ft8 and I dont consider myself short. So guys (men) lets not be insecure about that being compared to a woman at 6ft. Height doesnt always determine size because there are shorter people bigger than taller people and vice versa.

  24. Shorty Says:

    I admire Jordin Sparks alot! She’s very beautiful and talented

  25. William Says:

    I admire Jordin Sparks too. And Shorty right, PLZ GROW UP!

  26. Daniel Says:

    Heba, if you look just like miss J, hit me up, cuz she is oh so fine, and im 6’1, so ill make you feel just the right size 😉

  27. Daniel Says:

    p.s.…hit me up

  28. Suitcase Says:

    And what of these “statistics” suggesting the average American woman in 2000 is 5′ 4″? In 1960 the avg was 5′ 3″ according to some CNN reel they ran a few years back. I’m a 5′ 8″ male and I find myself eye-to-eye with most women I see out and about. The average male is supposed to be 5′ 10″ as of 2000, but most men tower over me, and they aren’t even out of high-school!

  29. Jessica Says:

    omg! jordin sparks is soooo not that tall shes like 6 feet tall!

  30. William Says:

    5 ft 8 is not that short for a guy. Now i can see 5ft5 and under yes. I’m 5 ft8 1/2 and wide size too so that makes up the differences.

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