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I’ve got another installment of adventure and intrigue up at Tales to Astonish.

Oh, and I was being talked about over here (scan through the comments). Being rational is so troublesome at times!

*SNORT*: BrewFan, one of the posters at Innocent Bystanders (see second link above), says this about my linking to their post and comments:

I have news for you, to, regarding your ‘trackback’; trolls are not tolerated here.

That’s fantastic news, but I hardly think it is trolling to respond when you are being talked about without your knowing. I think the only way to read BrewFan’s comments and have them make sense in the English most of us speak will be to ask the wee Fiona when “Opposite Day” is and then try again.

And for clarification, I get along just fine with Michael, the proprietor of Innocent Bystanders. It’s not every other blogger who buys me books to read, although the rest of you are certainly welcome to follow his lead.

3 Responses to “Around the Blogosphere”

  1. Michael Says:

    Especially when I’m running just about the goofiest site in the blogosphere. What’s your position on panda sex?

    Thanks for the slam on Behe, BTW. I coulda told Brewfan that you’d read the book. :)

  2. andy Says:

    I think so long as we need pandas, we should have panda sex. Well, not “we” per se, but pandas.

    BF is welcome to his opinion on Behe, but – much like intelligent design itself – it is unsupported by the evidence.

  3. mr lady Says:

    I cannot believe I read that whole thing. Blake, you left more comments on that one post than you have on my entire blog. Ever. I’m crushed.

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