American Idol Live Recap, April 3, 2007

Haley. Green dress. Wow.

I have completely forgotten everything else about the show.

Except for Sanjaya, because even I slow down to look at accidents now and again.

Although I feel dirty for it.

I much prefer feeling dirty about Haley’s dress.

Update: For something more insightful and analysis-like, you may want to visit here, although it does not appear he mentions Haley’s breasts even once, which is in itself a grave injustice and – dare I say it? – a human tragedy beyond comprehension.

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  1. Julie O. Says:

    I really hope Sanjaya doesn’t turn out to be like Andy Kauffman’s Hundred Bottles of Beer: first it’s funny, then it gets less funny, then it makes the audience angry, and then the audience is cheering.

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