Attention: Coldwell Banker, It Is Not April 1

Oh, sweet Jesus:

Real estate deals may be slowing in the real world, but in the three-dimensional online one of Second Life the market remains hot. Now Coldwell Banker, one of the nation’s largest real estate brokerage firms, is entering Second Life, aiming to help bring order to the chaotic world of virtual real estate.

Coldwell Banker will open a virtual sales office and start selling virtual land at 9 a.m. on Friday.

This reminds me of a night, many years ago, at Michael’s Pub in Montgomery, Alabama. Former WWRanter Tom and I were sitting at the bar, drinking our many beers, and basking in the glory of Ursula (the most beautiful bartender in history, at least back then) when we somehow struck up a conversation with some random fellow.

During the course of our talking, we got onto the subject of making money via the internet – all the rage back in 1999 or so, as you may recall – and this guy’s idea was, I kid you not, to reserve a lot of names on sites like Geocities to get the webspace, because – hey – someday the webspace has to run out and then you can sell it for millions.

It’s a veritable and virtual land grab! Somebody cast Tom and Nicole to star in “Tron: The New Frontier!”

Domain names? Sure. Limited supply. Fresh ideas? Oh yeah. A rarity, no matter the day and age. Disk space on some server in a computer center? Limited only by the budget of the company in question, and a few hundred bucks will hold more porn than you can shake a stick (or a thousand willies) at.

So I hear.

Anyway, selling pretend land to people with pretend lives. Fascinating stuff.

Coldwell, which employs over 120,000 real-world sales agents in the United States and operates in a total of 45 countries, isn’t in Second Life to make money, says Charlie Young, the company’s senior vice president for marketing. “In the end this is about buying and selling homes in the real world,” he says.

Yes, but can some dork in his mom’s basement really sell the house out from under her?

(found via The Stupidity Tracker)

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