Evolution Requires Chunky, I’m Pretty Sure

No offense to any of my creationist readers, but – good lord – y’all have some really, really, REALLY dumb people in your camp.

I think my IQ just dropped about 47 points.

Maybe if I crack open a jar of peanut butter I will find some new brain cells…

Note to the makers of the video: If a woman in a pantsuit was the same thing as credibility and knowledge, Nancy Grace would be revered as an intellectual giant.

(found via PZ)

4 Responses to “Evolution Requires Chunky, I’m Pretty Sure”

  1. Tainted Bill Says:

    Some? You are being too kind, all creationists are dumb.

  2. Michael Ditto Says:

    OMG. OK I suppose they would be right if they exposed vast amounts of peanut butter to cosmic rays, comet bombardments, and lightning for a couple billion years, but something tells me they just haven’t thought that big.

  3. The Retropolitan Says:

    I think Lex Luthor has that one on the boards.

  4. Julie O. Says:

    It would be nice if they could learn the difference between origin of life and origin of species.

    Dawkins: “The evolution of life is a completely different case from the origin of life because, to repeat, the origin of life was (or could have been) a unique event which had to happen only once. The adaptive fit of species to their separate environments, on the other hand, is millionfold, and ongoing.”

    This fundamental misunderstanding is probably behind the Newsweek poll that says nearly half the U.S. rejects evolution.

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