Creationist Nonsense

…in my own back yard.

Some commenters wondered if the Ken Poppe mentioned in the previous story was the same Ken Poppe who wrote a creationist book, Reclaiming Science from Darwinism. Yes, it is. He’s at Trail Ridge Middle School, a public school in Longmont, CO, and is listed as teaching 6th grade science. He freely admits to teaching creationist crap to his class, and says that the book grew out of his lessons.

Yay. Hooray.

It also appears the so-called “science teacher” is commenting over at Pharyngula (linked above), striving toward martyrdom for himself in the name of lying for his mythical lord. I’ve no idea if it’s truly him, of course. I suspect he dabbles in chemistry in class too; it’s a shame that self-immolation seems to be reserved for crazy Buddhists*.

* Just kidding. I certainly wish no ill upon the man, just good sense and rational thinking. But then there’s that wish in one hand and poop in the other thing.

2 Responses to “Creationist Nonsense”

  1. you liberals are idiots Says:

    well…at least he isn’t so totally delusional that we’re causing global warming. Now THAT’S crazy.

    Morons. You guys go get a life.

  2. andy Says:


    Yet another idiot who thinks atheist = evolutionist = liberal.

    That’s cute.

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