On Top of the World? Not So Much.

I’m sorry, someone help me out here, but what the hell has happened to Eddie Van Halen?

Yikes. He looks like a crazy homeless person in that photo.

Here’s hoping he gets the help he needs.

Update: What is wrong with this story?

Following their acceptance speech and a Van Halen-tribute performance by Velvet Revolver, Hagar and Anthony joined the house band–led by Paul Shaffer–for a rendition of the Hagar-era Van Halen hit “Why Can’t This Be Love.”

I’m not sure which is worse: Velvet Revolver or Paul Shaffer jamming with Van Halen members. This reminds me of how I knew I was getting old when VH-1 started playing old Metallica rather than, say, Rick Astley.

2 Responses to “On Top of the World? Not So Much.”

  1. PatrickP Says:

    All he needs is a haircut and some dental implants and maybe a few days of sleep in a medically induced coma.

  2. Jon Says:

    Hey Patrick,
    Shut your Pie-Hole. I’m sure it’s a real thrill sitting in front of your grandma’s computer piecing together a collection of second rate insults, but maybe you should just do us all a favor and stop being you. Be someone else. Eddie has contributed more from his pinky finger than you’ll ever hope to. Have some respect you little twat.

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