Happy Car, Happy Car!

How you do make your 2006 Ford Fusion happy?

You take it for a detailing, given that it has spent the last year with only moderately successful washes and nary a bit of cleaning on the inside.

This morning we spent some quality time at The Wave here in the Denver metro area.

Until today, I’d never had my car detailed. Always saw it as a waste of money. I was, once upon a long ago, more than willing to spend six hours in the driveway washing, waxing, and cleaning my car. Yes, I’m the guy that would apply swirl remover, polish, and then wax to his automobile, ensuring it looked AWESOME until the first rain.

So, I opted for a $100 mini-detail, getting it a thorough cleaning inside and out, and it’s like having a new car again (if you ignore the fuel line rattle behind the dash at 1500RPM but I plan to have that remedied soon). She’s shiny on the outside, and they were even able to rescue a lot of shine on the chrome grille that Colorado’s mag chloride had damaged (thanks, CDOT!). The inside is spotless and conditioned and lovely, as if my two children were naught but daydreams that never stepped foot into the Fusion.

On the autometaphysical side, I think a clean car just drives happier than a dirty car. They know, honest, they do. Be good to your car, lest we all end up like Maximum Overdrive (which is not to say we’ll all end up as really shitty movies, but victims of our vehicles).

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  1. PatrickP Says:

    My car always runs better after she’s had a bath. I swear.

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