A Gathering of the Gullible

Hey, if any you are (a) in Las Vegas and (b) available to have your intelligence insulted for four days, might I suggest you attend the I Can Do It! conference in Las Vegas?

Welcome to the Fourth Annual I Can Do It! Conference, sponsored by Hay House. This event is designed to support you on your journey to new levels of personal growth.

And might I suggest you report back to those of us choosing to live in the rational world?

Hey, really, I’m all about personal growth. Love the stuff. I just happen to think it takes focus and effort to achieve one’s dreams, and – given that the universe doesn’t much care for us one way or the other – not all of us will get there. In fact, some of us will fail miserably. However, it’s still worth trying to get what we want out of life, because to not do so is a guarantee of failure.

I’m sure that within the speakers and presenters of this conference, there will be people who feel the same way. They will espouse the value of envisioning your future, developing a plan to get there, and keeping at it until you have what you want, adjusting course as life throws you curve balls. Fantastic and spot on.

That said, when a conference such as this hosts obvious frauds and hucksters like Sylvia Browne and Deepak Chopra as keynote speakers, well – caveat emptor and P.T. Barnum is tap-dancing in the afterlife.

At this point, we should cue Jerry Lee or Elvis to sing “Whole Lotta Stupid Goin On.”

Maybe I should just look at this as scam artists like Sylvia Browne and Deepak Chopra fulfilling their personal dreams: they wanted to get rich, and they did, but only by lying to the stupid, the ignorant, and the voraciously gullible.

Once again, why must my sense of ethics get in the way of pillaging the pockets of the perpetually pinheaded?

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