Atheism, Lies, and Google Video

Wow, I never knew that, as an atheist, I am apparently a Stalinist, a Nazi, a Marxist, a free-love hippie, and John Lennon all rolled into one. Not only that, but I’m apparently on the verge of collapse!

The opening segment of this video implies as much, so it must be true:

I only made it through five or six minutes of this video monstrosity, but that was plenty. From the propagandizing to the sheer scientific illiteracy of topics like the “big bang,” these hacks – with their melodramatic, sweeping orchestral score from a sound effects record – display their intent to keep the flock in line through deceit, lies, and general stupidity.

It’s fascinating to watch how the uber-religious can describe a reality so unlike that which the rest of us see, and their followers believe it is true.

The ming boggles. And sometimes it even Yahtzees.

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  1. Molly Says:

    Didn’t ya know? If you say something enough it becomes true! I especially liked the “wow!” next to all those circled numbers. hehe.

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