WWR Spiffy Site of the Day: Divvio

Here’s a cool site I read about in some magazine or other this morning: Divvio.

It’s goal is to be an online “station” of audio and video content tailored to your tastes, regardless of what format that audio and video might come prepackaged in, be it YouTube, RealMedia, whatever.

Create a user id, add a personalized channel chock full of things you hold dear (e.g. “music, unsalted butter, allergies, the homeless”) and it will search for content that you might like, offering it to you in a playlist format.

Right now, the search is somewhat limited, but as they grow and improve their ability to intelligently index materials, it could be quite nifty. Right now I am listening to some live performances of Erin McKeown that she recorded for NPR. Never knew they were out there.

Thanks, Divvio! You get, like, mad hugs and stuff.

One thing: is there an easy way to score the original link to the material? In the case of YouTube, clicking the video whisks you away to the site, but I don’t see an easy way to track down this audio file of Erin and friends. Suppose I could search NPR, but you could make it easier – that’s what we in the business world call value added!

Or whatever.

Note: And stuff.

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