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Oh, The Humanity!

Sunday, February 18th, 2007

From a description of a video clip on

The owner of the salon where Britney Spears shaved her head talks about the experience. (February 17)

I only hope she’ll find the strength to trudge on with her life.

RMBB 6.0: The Morning After

Saturday, February 17th, 2007

Well, that was fun.

I’m almost sure of it.

The 9/11 Effect

Thursday, February 15th, 2007

Never again:

A man armed with two pistols hijacked an Air Mauritania flight Thursday but was subdued by two passengers, a Spanish official said.

The senior Spanish government source said a man had been trying to commandeer the Boeing 737 to Paris…

Abass Bass, a representative of the Mauritanian Embassy in Washington, described the incident as a “tentative hijacking.”

“The information we had from Mauritania is that the passengers fought back and they took the hijacker and now everything is OK,” Bass told CNN.

The Origin of Love

Wednesday, February 14th, 2007

Interesting article on CNN regarding pinpointing the source of romantic love in the human brain:

By studying MRI brain scans of people newly in love, scientists are learning a lot about the science of love: Why love is so powerful, and why being rejected is so horribly painful.

Surely I’m not the only non-believer who, upon demanding that a believer provide proof of God’s existence, has gotten the response of “Can you prove that love exists?”

Well, yes – yes I can. It’s a bunch of electrochemical voodoo. In short, it’s all in your head.

Just like that God fellow.

Turn on Your Heartlight

Wednesday, February 14th, 2007

Oh boy:

A science student in Kentucky says when the Bible records God spoke, and things were created, that’s just what happened, and he can support that with scientific experiments.

“If God spoke everything into existence as the Genesis record proposes, then we should be able to scientifically prove that the construction of everything in the universe begins with a) the Holy Spirit (magnetic field); b) Light (an electric field); and c) that Light can be created by a sonic influence or sound,” Samuel J. Hunt writes on his website.

Where to start?

Ah, yes, with the problems:

  • God didn’t speak everything into existence. Genesis 1:1 says:
    In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

    Nothing there about speech or yodeling or chanting “mecca mecca hi mecca hiney ho.” The talking bit doesn’t come about until God decides it’s kind of dark around those parts.

  • Where, exactly, is the Holy Spirit described as a magnetic field? Do iron fillings line up in pretty patterns when it is near? Does it hold really awful but endearing kindergarten construction paper collages to the fridge door? If it encounters the anti-Christ spirit, are they attracted to one another with great force and get stuck together?

  • Light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum, which would seem to make it akin to the *cough* Holy Spirit of magnetism. Why the arbitrary distinction, aside from making it sound all “sciency?”

  • Light comes about from the use of sonics to collapse bubbles? Yep, that’s what the science says… and has said for the last 60 years (thus, hardly new). Also, the light itself from such a collapse lasts no more than a few hundred picoseconds without strict laboratory conditions to repeatedly expand and collapse the bubble.

    Oh, and it seems some shrimp can do it too with their ferocious snapping claws (I kid you not – search for “shrimpoluminescence”). Maybe God is a shrimp, have mercy on us everyone.

In summary: Wow, people are stupid.

Especially Samuel J. Hunt of Western Kentucky University, the student in question.

I Bet The Grocery Self-Checkout Gives The Prosecution Trouble Too

Tuesday, February 13th, 2007

This is absolutely ridiculous:

WINDHAM, Connecticut (AP) — Until recently, Julie Amero says, she lived the quiet life of a small-town substitute teacher, with little knowledge of computers and even less about porn.

Now she is in the middle of a criminal case that hinges on the intricacies of both, and it could put her behind bars for up to 40 years.

She was convicted last month of exposing seventh-grade students to pornography on her classroom computer.

She contended the images were inadvertently thrust onto the screen by pornographers’ unseen spyware and adware programs.

This seems to me a case where the law – and, more importantly, the lawyers – have not kept up with the technology of 2007, let alone 1999.

Amero says that before her class started, a teacher allowed her to e-mail her husband. She says she used the computer and went to the bathroom, returning to find the permanent teacher gone and two students viewing a Web site on hair styles.

Amero says she chased the students away and started class. But later, she says, pornographic images started popping up on the computer screen by themselves. She says she tried to click the images off, but they kept returning, and she was under strict orders not to shut the computer off.

Sure, she should have turned the computer off, but I’ve seen plenty of smart people rendered dumb by idiotic decrees like “thou shalt not turn off the computer.” As for how the pop ups could have come about, I think most of you have been around the internet block once or twice, maybe seeing a boobie or a ding-dong in that time, once or twice unintentionally even.

It’s easy – you may want to visit Craigslist to sell some old socks or something, but instead you miskey it as “” – what do you get? Apparently, the “best XXX sex on the net!”

So, because the prosecutors and the school administrators live in a world in which America Online is the height of technological glory, this woman will have a criminal record, if not a jail sentence.

Can a defendant plead “innocent by reason of prosecutorial insanity?”

One More Plug

Tuesday, February 13th, 2007

I don’t know if I’m supposed to link to this, but I think it makes up for pointing you to the Dodgy Lesbian Girl stuff earlier (as awesome as that was).

Anyway, my friend Brennan – formerly of the 90s almost-famous group The Sextants, as you surely recall – has acquired new recording software and such, and is reworking a number of his songs. You can find them here.

You should listen, and rate them well, because the stuff playing on the Earth Top 10 at Broadjam is god awful crap.

On “Morality, Bible lessons”

Tuesday, February 13th, 2007

(see Herod, Vox Day)

Dawkins on CNN

Tuesday, February 13th, 2007

After hosting a panel discussion about atheism, with no atheists on the panel, CNN decided to make things right and invited Richard Dawkins, and others, on to ask them really silly questions:

Perhaps next time they’ll have a panel of “being gay in America” and invite Pat Robertson, James Dobson, and the right Reverend Ted Haggard (oops!) …uh… nevermind.

My favorite bit is how Paula Zahn prattles on to Dawkins about how the religious are intimidated by atheists. Yeah, we’re a pretty scary 10 or so percent of the population (at best), armed with our non-belief and our reason and our logic and our desire to understand the universe.

Scary stuff!

What it comes down to is that, in the United States anyway, Christians – predominantly of the conservative variety – have a sense of entitlement that their religion should be given special recognition. After decades of politicians pandering to them, they are incapable of seeing that a government that does not acknowledge their god is not the same thing as a government that denies their god. Indeed, they have become the religious equivalent of career welfare mothers, thinking the government owes them that check of public approbation, specially made out to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (with “Can I get an Amen?” in the memo field even).

Look, we’re not out to take away your churches, regulate your thoughts, burn you at the stake, or lead mass waves of our fearsome armies across your lands to conquer them (besides, that’s really your niche, you know). We’d just like you to keep your religion the same place we keep our lack of belief: in our private lives, and not in the public sphere.

When you are capable of appreciating that “your god is private” is not the same as “there is no god,” maybe we’ll move y’all up to wearing big boy underpants too.

Too Late, Again

Monday, February 12th, 2007

First, I wait too long and blow my chances with David of Resurrection Song fame.

Then, I fail in every way to board a plane for the Big Apple and The Retropolitan slips right through my slippery little fingers.

And now, *sigh*, and now Andy has returned to his post and I never even managed to bore wow you all with tales of my latest PTA adventures! Curses! Curse my poor timing!

And so I reluctantly hand back the wheels to you, Andy. But fear not, faithful readers. I shall return. I shall return soon and beg persuade you all to donate $15 to my kids’ school with the promise of seeing a Grammy award nominee in a venue roughly the size of, oh, Burger King.

Mwah hah hah!