Sex Pit Help Me Jesus*

I wonder if this woman is any relation to W.C. Rice:

A woman who paints what she calls messages from God on the roof of her San Mateo house is receiving a reprieve from the city until the City Council has an opportunity to hear her appeal next week.

Estrella Benavides began painting messages on the roof and garage door of her home on Cottage Grove Avenue more than a year ago. The rows of painted words, large and small, provoked some residents to complain to the city.

Perhaps it won’t be long before she, just like W.C. Rice’s “Cross Garden,” is part of Roadside America, singled out as a delightful source of kooky Americana, a wee bit of our country that enables us to laugh at others while feeling that much better about ourselves.

Rest in peace, Reverend Rice, and keep up the nuttiness Ms. Benavides.


Update: My first post about the Cross Garden can be found here.

* Regarding the title, click here.

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