Random Riffs and Rhythms

Every once in a while, I stop by the public library, check out the CD section, and grab a few CDs by artists of whom I have never heard.

Sometimes it’s a complete miss and I end up with absolute crap, which is why it’s nice that I can return them the very next day with nary a penny from my pocket.

Sometimes I find some stuff I like.

So, here’s some stuff I like.

“Blue Lips” – Joseph Arthur

“Knock Me Down Girl” – Slicker

“Queen of Quiet” – Erin McKeown

…and, apropos of nothing, and not from the library but from my very own personal music collection, which I probably shouldn’t admit, but it seems like a fun idea right now:

“Playing with the Boys (Dance Mix)” – Kenny Loggins

I’m sorry.

Note: Before Jody can come around throwing his homophobic* gay comments at me because of the Kenny Loggins song, here’s another picture of Nigella Lawson and some noodles and boobs and stuff.

* See, dude is gay, so the chances of him being homophobic are right up there with Ted Haggard being a homosexual …uh… Republicans keeping the Congress …oh, nevermind.

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