Colorado Weather

It’s bizarre.

This morning, it was very windy at the house, but no snow to be seen.

Right now, it’s clear and sunny and positively delightful, if breezy, outside.

The story some 25 miles away was a little different:

Whiteout driving conditions and ice on the roadway caused a massive pile-up on Interstate 70, near E-470 Saturday morning.

Chief Mark Campagnola of the Sable Altura Fire Rescue says emergency crews responded to a 35-car pile up on the westbound lanes of I-70, Saturday morning.

Drivers tell 9NEWS there was zero visibility and they were driving at what they thought was a reasonable speed at the time of the crash. Some drivers told 9NEWS they were traveling as slow as 15 mph at the time of the pile up.

Drivers say they hit the brakes as soon as they saw the cars piling up in front of them, however it was too late because I-70 was covered in a sheet of ice.

Wacky stuff.

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