2+2 = Baby Jesus

PZ Myers’ politics are oft-wonky (yet, still, we love him, in that manly straight way, of course), but his rationalist rants are a joy to read. For example, this one in regard to teachers in Florida putting holy oil on student desks the night before the big test:

Look, it’s very simple: if you believe that daubing objects with holy bacon drippings and chanting magic words will imbue them with special powers, if you think your imaginary Lord of the Universe will whisper answers to a test in a kid’s ears if his chair has a spot of grease on it, but won’t if it doesn’t, if your job is to teach children and you think one way to give them an understanding of algebra is to beg a ghost to do it for you, you are a disgrace, a confused and deluded kook, and you are screwing up.

I think I need a tissue for this tear in my eye.


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