So Barack Obama is officially in. Sure, he seems like a pleasant enough fella who gives good speeches (I checked my thesarus for alternatives to articulate…can’t appear to be racist, ya know), but all I hear from him are banal platitudes. It’s along the lines of, “The children are our future” and “We must work together to fulfill America’s promise as one nation.” Yawn. He never says anything of substance and is relying on the media-created persona to fool people. 45 years old, no competitive campaigns, a very liberal voting record, and two years of doing nothing in the Senate, and he wants to be President?

Forgive me, but anyone willing to consider such an empty-suit with a charming smile needs their head checked. People, don’t pay attention to a politician’s words! Examine their actions and votes before jerking off to him/her. Obama has nothing!

I don’t care for Hillary Clinton and she is clearly not as articulate as Obama (at least for a white person), but she does have a record. I respect her more for standing by it (mostly), than someone who’s the media flavor of the month.

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