A Chick Recaps the Superbowl …Badly

Well, Dorkafork, you were right.

Someone did, indeed, win the bowl. For those of you in Alabama on the moon, the Colts won. The Bears started off alright, but they really didn’t stand a chance.

I was rooting for both teams, I suppose, but being from The Mile Hi city, and seeing how proud the people here are of John Elway and the fact that he managed to squeeze in that Superbowl win before he retired, I have to say that I am happy for Peyton and I think he deserves this.

I remember when Freddy Couples won some big golf tournament many, many years ago. He was being interviewed afterward with his wife by his side. The journalist talking to him asked what he would remember most about this big day. He shot his wife a sideways glance, and with as much cockiness as I guess a man could muster, said only, with a wink into the camera, “Tonight.”

I bet Peyton’s thinking the same thing right about now.

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