Brrrrrr! 50 Degrees and Uncomfortably Numb!!

Hello again, World Wide Rant readers. Andy has given me another opportunity to guest-blog while he is on vacation. (For those of you who either don’t remember me or are new here, feel free to use the search feature to the left to peruse my previous musings. Unfortunately, that means you will probably also come across the moronic opinions and games of my co-guest blogger as well. Sorry about that. Hi, Shannon!)

I’m not sure what I’ll write about, but it will probably not be about Shannon’s boobies. My new policy is only to discuss those boobies that I’ve seen so you’ll need to encourage her to email me a picture.

Meanwhile, it’s cold here in Dallas and that brings me to the title of this post. Yes, 50 degrees is not normally considered cold by most people, but it is when it’s the godforsaken temperature of your house! Ya see, during the coldest stretch of the year, my furnace decided to betray me last night and I woke up freezing my ass off. I tried to fix the furnace myself to no avail and now the earliest I can get service is tomorrow afternoon. It’s difficult to type with numb fingers and wearing long-johns, sweatpants, two pairs of socks, turtleneck, and a sweatshirt ain’t exactly comfortable. I think the local Starbucks is calling my name for the rest of this afternoon.

Oh, and FYI, the, um, morning “ritual” was very, uh, unpleasant. A cold ass and a cold toilet seat is not a good experience. TMI? See ya later!

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