Motorola RAZR Post – Because I’m a Goob

After several years of owning different, moderately out-of-date Nokia models (one of which met its untimely end in a hot tub) – and with Mrs. WWR having owned the same brick-sized Nokia for nigh on 10 years – we broke down and got new mobile phones. This time out, we chose Motorola.

It was nothing to do with Nokia, oh no my friends; the brand has served this family well, and I do have a certain affinity for Finnish makes given my time in the great land of Suomi. However, when it came to a comparison of price / features / nifty-keen looks, the Motorola RAZR v3 won out.

Mrs. WWR now has the original v3, while I – not inclined to carry a separate digital camera in the diaper bag I also do not cart around everywhere – now own the RAZR v3t, with its megapixel camera.

Things I dig so far:

  • The included mini-USB data cable, combined with Motorola Phone Tools, allows for easy file transfers, synchronization, and creation of custom MP3 ringtones (when the wife calls, it plays our song, so I know to let it go to voicemail… just kidding, hon). Also, the cable can charge the phone through a USB 2.0 port.

  • The voice dialing doesn’t need to be trained… simply speak a name in your phonebook. Have multiple numbers for that person? It will ask which you one you want. Very cool, even if I will look like an idiot talking only to my phone in public.

  • Decent video capture – perfect for recording loads and loads of videos of the kids that I will delete when I realize that maybe two or three of them are worth keeping.

  • Expanded memory slot – need to steal away into the night with top secret documents or wanting to port your porn between computers? It comes with 128MB, or you can opt for the 1GB card for a few bucks more.

  • Digital audio player – whatever space you’ve got left after making custom ringtones and loading up your dirty pics, fill it with MP3s and rock out with the tiny speaker on the back of the phone.

  • Built-in calculator – wow! Now I can leave behind that hip Casio calculator watch from 1986 and carry my phone instead! The power of math is mine!

In short, so far, after a lengthy 96 hours or so, I highly recommend this phone, at least for 96 hours of use.

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