ViewMyLife.Com: Kick Off Party

Because of my esteemed status as an influential Denver blogger, I got an invite to the kickoff party for a new web-based company tomorrow night.

The company is called

Since you are an influential Denver blogger [ed: see, told you so], we wanted you to be the first to know about the global launch of the Denver-based company is a next generation lifestyle site; think MySpace, Facebook and YouTube – but better! offers FREE, secure, simple-to-use tools to document your personal life experiences online without any ads to clutter your personal pages.

Unfortunately, this week has left me pretty drained and I think I’m going to be in bed early tonight and tomorrow night. Also, the party is in the south metro area, and I don’t think being (a) dog tired, (b) with a few drinks in me, and (c) more than forty miles from home would really be a good combination (unless you happen to be a bail bondsman).

However, they did say all of my friends (over 21) are invited – and, well, good people, I consider you my friends, even if you don’t send me birthday presents and don’t know my favorite color and never hold me close during that one scary scene in Poltergeist where the clown doll attacks the kid.

So, here you go: party details can be found here, for those interested.

The party will be streamed live over the internet, something we had discussed doing for a blogger bash, but never did because what happens at the blogger bash stays at the blogger bash, except for that time Goldstein showed up with a camera and posted it at Malkin’s Hot Air site. I’m just happy the llamas and gnus and handcuffs had already been hidden away by the time he arrived.

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